Joining procedure

Before joining please come along to the dojo and watch a class to make sure you understand what we’re about. This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

All new members must sign a waiver form before being allowed on to the mat. It is a requirement for the club’s insurance policy that this must be adhered to. All new members are allowed their first two classes within a two week period at no charge as long as the waiver is correctly filled in and is legible. All completed waiver forms must be witnessed by a senior member of the club. Waiver forms are available online or copies are available in the dojos. New members are also required to fill out the membership application form.

All new members wishing to continue to train must contact Jon Denly, the club treasurer, to discuss fees and provide confirmation of the completed waiver and transfer of required fees. Jon can be contacted by email at [email protected]


Fees cover up to 3 classes per week at Manly and Mona Vale. Sydney Aikikai Inc is a not for profit organisation and the largest portion of the fees going towards dojo rental. No instructor receives any payments.

Fees are currently $250 per quarter. We are not able to accept cash payments, payment must be made via bank transfer.

At present, we do not have any junior classes.

Please note, sometimes special rates are available for those experiencing financial hardship – if this applies please ask.

Banking details

Please provide enough information on the transaction for identification purposes, for example, “Joe training July-Sept 2015”.

ANZ Bank

Sydney Aikikai Inc

BSB: 012-633

Account: 385456534

Other Things to Remember

It is not essential to purchase a keikogi or uniform to start Aikido. We recommend you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, including long pants and long sleeved top. Please prepare for training by having clean clothes, clean hands, short filed fingernails and toenails and removing or taping over any ear rings or other exposed body piercings.

Please also familarise yourself with dojo etiquette before starting training.