Rosso Shihan Gasshuku Sunday 14th May

Rosso Shihan Gasshuku Sunday 14th May

Hope you can all make it on the 14th May and support the club.  Kick off
will be at 9:00am with a break for lunch, then another session after lunch followed by a grading.

The grading shouldn’t take too long, as there’s not too many grading.

Three of Rosso’s students will also be attending.

Cost is $50 for the day.

Gasshuku on the 26th June 2016

There will be a Gasshuku at Terrey Hills on the 26th June, starting at 9am.

There will be 3 hours of training (3 x 55 minute sessions).

Instructors will be Shannon, Morgan and Mike.

The cost for the day is $20. Please pay online in advance, marking your payment June 2016 gasshuku.

Hope to see you there!

Gasshuku in March 2016

We will be holding a Gasshuku on Sunday, 13 March 2016.

It will commence at 9.00am and run for 3 hours with the following sessions:

9.00am – 9.55am – Paul Sinkinson

10.00am – 10.55am – Ray Simmons

11.00am -12.00pm – Jean-Christophe Merlant

This will be a good opportunity for those training at both Terrey Hills and Manly Dojos to train together and focus on technical aspects of techniques.  We actively encourage you all to attend.

Fees: $20 for the session, payable online in advance preferably, or in cash on the day.

Payee: Sydney Aikikai

BSB: 012-633

Acc: 3854 56534

Ref: [your name]

For those that we haven’t seen training for a while, we really do look forward to seeing you on the mat.  Just turn up to one of the classes and just start training again, its as easy as that!