We are a Covid Safe Business – please check our plan before training

We are a friendly Aikido Club located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. New members are always welcome and encouraged to join us.

Beginners are introduced slowly to Aikido in a friendly manner with an instructor or other senior people on the mat spending time with basics. Students are then introduced to participating with others in training. A good foundation begins with attention to basics.

A typical class consists of about 15 minutes of warm up exercises and then we move on to Ukemi (rolling and falling) practice and basic foot/body movements referred to as ‘Tai sabake’. Then on to general techniques.

The class can take many forms, emphasizing different aspects of the art.

Training should be enjoyable. We are all different shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and have various physical capabilities.

In a non competitive environment we endeavour to support each other and work together, rather than show superior strength or abilities. Under these circumstances and with awareness of the person you are training with, it is still possible to train vigorously. Developing an awareness of your partners capabilities is an essential ingredient. Thus sincere training in this way transcends the ego, and should carry over and be manifest in your daily life.

Training is self paced and in accordance with your partners and your own capabilities.

In a very basic way Aikido training is quite different from training at a gym for instance. Instead of linear movements Aikido techniques are a complex and compound series of movements. The Aikido practitioner gains flexibility combined with toughness as opposed to just gaining strength.